Global Games Jam 2017 - Wave

For my second global games jam project in 2017 I worked as part of a team of five designers and a programmer. The theme was “Waves” and as such this game involved the player using shock-waves to push enemies into portals. There are three colours (Purple, Green and Yellow) of shock-wave, enemy and portal and they only affect each other if they are the same colour. The player character is able to move, create shock-waves from the player's position and change the colour of the shock-wave they are creating between the three colours. The player must move to avoid being touched by the enemies while they flock around, being touched by an enemy removes a life with three in total, however they must get close enough to push the enemies with  shock-waves into the portal of the colour as the enemy, removing it from the level.

Removing all enemies from the level wins the game, while losing all the player lives will end it.

Skills and Tools Used:

Photoshop - Asset Creation

Unity - Game Engine