Visual Scripting -
Valley Assault

As part of my scripting module in the Unreal Engine I created a game based on flying a bombing ship down a "trench" filled with turrets. The player must perform a bombing run down this trench, making sure to avoid the turret fire and make it to the end of the trench, while also making sure to destroy as certain number of turrets before reaching the end (This number changes with the difficulty setting).

In order to achieve this end the player has full flying control of their ship, the ability to drop bombs which destroy turrets on a successful hit, the ability to change camera between a flying third person camera and a "bombing" camera placed underneath the ship. The player also has a mini-map to see the location of themselves and the turrets.

Skills and Tools Used:

3DS Max - Creation of 3D Assets

Photoshop - Texturing of 3D Assets

Unreal Engine 4 - Game Engine