Modular Tileset -

As part of a 3D modelling assignment I designed and created a modular tile-set based on subterranean bunkers.


The theme of the tile-set was inspired by real nuclear/subterranean bunkers, especially long abandoned Soviet ones and by the "Vaults" established in the Fallout franchise.


The tile-set is made up of "Cave" tiles which make up tight, claustrophobic tunnels and "bunker" tiles which are much more open and can be used to create open spaces.


Along with the modular tiles I also created props to add to any scene the tiles can create. There are four props in the pack, a wall mounted terminal, a thick bunker door, a floor mounted access panel and a small lantern for adding environmental lighting.

Skills and Tools Used:

3DS Max - 3D Modelling

Photoshop - Texturing