Global Games Jam 2016 - Ritual

For my first Global Games Jam in 2016 I worked with as part of a team of four designers. The theme word for the event was "Ritual" to satisfy this condition we made a game that focused on the ritual aspects of severe OCD behaviour. In which the player controls a character who needs to fulfil their daily rituals before they can go to sleep.

A randomly generated order of objects in the level is created on beginning play, this list can be seen by interacting with the desk in the level. The player must interact with each object in the level in the correct order to complete the level. Failing to complete the level within the initial time limit changes the graphics of the level and its objects to a darker theme, starting another timer which if the player is unable to complete the level within will end the game as a loss.

Skills and Tools Used:

Photoshop - Artwork and 2D assets

Unity - Game Engine