The Great British Cheese Roll

While working as a group of three (two designers and a programmer) I worked on a brief supplied to my university by Ubisoft. Along with the other designer I was a project manager

 for this project.

The game had to adhere to the following constraints:

Both players control a single cheese wheel and may press their jump button ("W" for player one and Up arrow for player two) to launch their cheese wheel into the air. The level is identical for both players and consists mostly of hills. The upwards incline of these hills reduces the momentum of the cheese, therefore to keep the cheese from stopping the player must time their jumps to minimise uphill rolling and maximise down hill rolling which builds momentum. The player whose cheese wheel stops moving first is the loser.


Skills and Tools Used:

Project Management - Agile Development using JIRA Software

Level Design

Background Art - Photoshop

Unity - Game Engine