Michael Curtis

Games Designer


After completing my high school and sixth form education I enrolled on the Games Design course at the University of Suffolk, there I quickly learned that my love for playing games was only outclassed by my passion for making them.


During my games design studies I have worked in several disciplines, gaining experience in visual scripting (Unreal Blueprint), 3-D modelling (3DS Max), level design, practical prototyping/rapid iteration and development as well as my passion Games Design.


I have also been taught and have worked using professional methods and tools, including using agile development (JIRA) and online repositories (GitHub, drop box and Tortoise SVN). These methods and tools being used as part of several teams of between three and six different members, (mixtures of fellow games designers and games programmers) while working as both a games designer and in some projects as a project manager.

Contact Me
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07926 604974